Petal Perfect Skirt – Bundle Up Women

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Petal Perfect Skirt- Bundle Up Women

I’m working on stepping up my fashion game here. OK, I’m trying, anyway. Luckily for me, it’s the ladies’ turn for the Bundle Up sewing pattern sale from Pattern Revolution! The sale just started today, and I get to help kick it off with my Petal Perfect Skirt from Little Lizard King!
Petal Perfect Skirt- Bundle Up Women
So my oldest is starting junior high next year, and I’m feeling like maybe if I’m this old, I should start dressing like a grown up. Maybe it’s time to move on from poorly fitting tees and capris? Did I wear trousers and a casual blazer to accompany her to the open house there? Yes, I did. Did they fit well? No, they didn’t. Do I sew? Um, yes, why else would I have a sewing blog?

Petal Perfect Skirt- Bundle Up Women

But moving on from nerdy tees doesn’t mean I have to start dressing boring. So I skipped my original idea of making this skirt in Go With Everything Basic Black, and went with this mint green stretch vegan leather from Girl Charlee instead. I’d used it before for a jacket here, and I knew how fun it was to work with! Seriously fun.

Petal Perfect Skirt- Bundle Up Women

I mixed a couple things up from the directions to use it. First of all, I didn’t need to hem. Secondly, I pleated instead of gathered to make the material come together more cleanly. I also topstitched the side seams to hold them nicely in place. This is a super fun pattern that feels comfortable, is easy to make, and will totally up your style game! And it will look awesome in Go With Everything Basic Black too. In fact, I’ll probably make one of those as well.

Petal Perfect Skirt- Bundle Up Women

Get more details on the bundle at!

Bundle Up Women

Check out the rest of the blog tour!

Lots more examples of what everyone’s been working on to show off these great patterns will be coming all throughout the week! You don’t want to miss them, there’s some seriously great sews here. You’re going to want ALL of these patterns by the end!

Bundle Up Women

Rest of my outfit:
Winter Wear Givenchy Blazer, pattern coming soon, in vintage seersucker
Self-drafted reversible wrap tee with side ruching, clearance ITY fabric from Fabric Mart.

6 responses to “Petal Perfect Skirt – Bundle Up Women”

  1. Kari Steiger Avatar
    Kari Steiger

    I love yours!!! I may just have to order this material. I did mine in all black, but this one is so much fun!

    1. Darcie Avatar

      I’m totally doing my black one with a lettuce edge like yours, Kari!

  2. Courtney Zadik Avatar

    OMG Darcie…you look amazing! That’s one hot outfit you’ve got going on.WORK IT!!!!!

  3. Girl Charlee Fabrics Avatar

    This skirt is seriously incredible!! And you are rocking it! Thanks for the link back to us 🙂

    1. Darcie Avatar

      Thanks for making all the great fabrics!

  4. Honeysuckle and Hearts Vintage Avatar

    Great colors for a spring day!!

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