Jersey Birthday Dress and Meeting a Project Runway Alum!

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A blog article a month, huh? Well, I’ve been sewing and not updating enough. Here’s something I made this month!

I had my birthday the Monday before Thanksgiving and was gifted with fabric shopping by my parents! Yay, fabric! On top of my shopping list was knits. I’ve totally been getting into knits lately, and had not nearly enough stashed of them. So my mom and I took a trip out to our local Hancock Fabrics in Sacramento. First time visit, lots of fun!
After touring the store a couple times, I hit the flat fold fashion fabrics table. Say that three times fast! Flat fold fashion fabrics, flat fold fashion fabrics, flat fold fashion fabrics. Typing is much easier than saying it, but I’ve never been great with tongue twisters. I found lots of great solids, and one really fantastic jersey knit that I knew HAD to be a dress. And I knew exactly what it should look like. Draped neck, 3/4 sleeves, narrow pencil skirt to the knee. And I had all the pieces already thanks to my obsession admiration of Jocole PDF patterns.

So a few weeks went by, a few very cold California weeks, and it was a little difficult to sew in my garage studio. I’m a total wimp, but 30° temps and sewing just don’t mix. But then I found out that a local boutique, The Wardrobe, was hosting a trunk show with Project Runway season 11 contestant Richard Hallmarq. Seriously, I have to sew something new to wear to something like that! Friday late morning, in my hallway, I cut out my fabric. I braved the cold with the help of a space heater and sewed up my dress. Taking a break to get kids from school, and all the other things, I had a dress by mid afternoon!


I biked downtown, the gathering was awesome, Richard was super nice and funny, and I had an awesome new dress I’m going to wear over and over again. Um, actually I wore it again the next Monday.

I’m hoping to do a lot more sewing in the upcoming year, and I plan to be making a new post about that in the next couple days!

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