How to Confirm Your Website in Pinterest with Yoast SEO

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How to Confirm Your Website in Pinterest with Yoast SEO

For my first post on the new site, I figured that this was a great first topic! When I help answer Pinterest support questions, I submit a number of these for bloggers who weren’t successful in getting their site validated. So here’s my walk through for how to confirm your website in Pinterest with Yoast SEO.

I completely love Yoast SEO, and I find it an essential plugin for all WordPress installs. I’m not an SEO person, and I consider many practices to be snake oil, but that’s not what this plugin does. I recommend it 100%. You can get it here, or install it through your WordPress dashboard. I’ll be making use of this plugin to complete the confirmation.

The Pinterest verification field in Yoast SEO is an optional space, and if you’ve already confirmed your website in Pinterest you should leave this blank. I promise. Really. Pinterest does not need the meta tag to stay on your site to keep it confirmed. While Pinterest no longer gives you a red checkmark on your profile for website confirmations, it does give you access to analytics to see what others are pinning from your site. It also adds your profile picture and a link to your Pinterest profile to all pins that are from your website. Here’s what that looks like:

How to Confirm Your Website in Pinterest with Yoast SEO

First step: Click the gear on your Pinterest profile and choose Edit settings. Scroll to where you’ve entered your website, then click the Confirm website button there. Does it say “Site verified” here? You’re done! Why are you reading this?

How to Confirm Your Website in Pinterest with Yoast SEO

Step Two: Copy the meta tag in that space by clicking to highlight it and then using the keys Ctrl-C on a PC or Command-C on a Mac. Leave this window open and don’t click the Finish button yet!

How to Confirm Your Website in Pinterest with Yoast SEO

Step Three: Go to your own WordPress website’s dashboard. From the sidebar you will see the SEO menu. Hover there and choose Social, then click the Pinterest tab at the top. Paste the meta tag into this box and then click the blue button to save.

How to Confirm Your Website in Pinterest with Yoast SEO

Step Four: Head back to that open Pinterest window. Now you can click that red Finish button! If it worked, your settings will look like this:

How to Confirm Your Website in Pinterest with Yoast SEO

Didn’t work? Try again. If the meta tag changed, you will want to change it. If you’ve tried adding this into your header.php file or via another plugin, remove these first.

Still not working? Ask for help! Let me know in the comments where you’re stuck. You can also use the contact form! Pick Business accounts, then Confirm Website. You may even get me to help manually confirm your site, who knows?

My next post will be is how to really easily apply for Pinterest Rich Pins, a cool feature that adds your blog title and description to pins. It takes about a minute with Yoast SEO installed, really!

How to Confirm Your Website in Pinterest with Yoast SEO

11 responses to “How to Confirm Your Website in Pinterest with Yoast SEO”

  1. Paola Avatar

    Hi Darcie! Thanks for this post. I claimed my site in Pinterest but lost the metadata html that I have to paste in Yoast. Where can I find it again?
    Im afraid to cancel my verification in Pinterest. Not sure if that would help to get the html tag again.
    Where can I find it then in Pinterest?

    Thanks a lot!

    1. darcie Avatar

      Hi Paola,
      My usual commenting system is down temporarily, or you would have seen this reiterated in the replies. If you have previously claimed your website, there is nothing to do here. Leave that space in Yoast blank. It’s a convenience to help claim the site, and it has NO extra function once the site is claimed. Hope that helps!

  2. Mitchell A Piekos Avatar

    Darcie, I need your help regarding claiming my site on Pinterest. I keep getting a email from Pinterest saying they can not locate it. I have re-tried this for about a week now and it is so frustrating. This has happened 3 times. I do have Yoast and have done the step by step directions. I have reached out to Pinterest but have not had a response (twice). I have even tried posting the meta tag in the header option under settings. (this is what is in process now – but it has been hours ). I tried this option because the other way was not working. Pinterest is still saying Stay Tuned – we are checking your site.

    Is there any direction or insight you can give to me ? Does my site have to be live to for it to claim it ? Let me know what additional information you need from me to resolve this issue.

    Thank you

    1. darcie Avatar

      Hi Mitchell,
      Your site does need to be live to be claimed on Pinterest. If you have a coming soon page, that blocks the verification code on your website. Temporarily disable this so that your website is live to claim now, or wait until your site is live to claim it.

  3. Mitchell A Piekos Avatar

    Good news, I finally heard back from Pinterest and they did a few things on their side and I was able to claim my site.

    Thank you,


  4. Eran Miller Avatar
    Eran Miller

    People keep hacking every one of my accounts and profiles. I’m ready to bring in my attorney to these matters

    1. darcie Avatar

      Eran, I have no idea what you’re talking about. I have no relationship to Pinterest or any other site that would require an account named in this blog post other than this specific website, If you want me to delete this comment of yours, just reply or use the contact link.

  5. Elli Avatar

    This was exactly what I needed. I was looking at some other options to add meta tags for site verifcation and wanted to make sure that I would be able to complete this all within the Yoast plugin. Your description was clear and straight to the point. A big help. Thanks!

  6. darcie Avatar

    Hi Petrina, since I don’t manage the Yoast plugin, you’ll get a better answer to this asking Yoast support. However, I see the p:domain_verify code pasted into your Yoast settings.

  7. Katy Avatar

    Hi Darcie!

    I did everything you recommended, but it says “no relevant meta tag” was found. I copied the html tag from pinterest and added it to the Yoast SEO plugin under social and the pinterest section. Do you know what it’s not working? Thanks for your help!

    1. darcie Avatar

      Hi Katy!
      It looks a little different from when I wrote this, but the current place to add the tag from the admin dashboard is SEO > Social > Pinterest.
      screenshot of Yoast SEO Social settings for the Pinterest meta tag
      View the site source code and check that the meta name="p:domain_verify" code appears within the Yoast meta tags. Your site needs to be public, not hidden behind a coming soon page, for the verification to work.

      If that’s not working, Pinterest has more options. See their help page here:

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