Favorite Soups For Cool Weather Months

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Favorite Soups For Cool Weather Months

I’m a completely disorganized person, and that’s a hard thing to change. Otherwise, you’d see regular posts here instead of nothing for a couple years! Because I know this about myself and my lack of planning, I’m trying to chart out a loose dinner plan for the month. Now that weather is finally cooler, we’re finding that we’re throwing more soups into the mix! I use my Pinterest boards to help remember what we like and make notes about the recipes! Here are some of our favorite soups for cool weather.

*All images in the sharing round up are mine, shared to Instagram when the recipe was recently made. Images on Pins are courtesy of the original recipe author. 


Basic Chili

This is one we’ve been making for a couple of years. The blog owner has even rebranded since! I like her approach to easy and simple recipes, and I think I started following her for food allergy reasons. We almost always double or 1 1/2 this to have some leftovers. Get the recipe from Eat Well, Spend Smart here:  http://eatwellspendsmart.com/best-basic-chili/


This is a classic, and so easy! Making it homemade instead of from a can has a fantastic, fresh taste. And it’s super easy! It can also be completely meatless, although we often use our homemade chicken stock. We now sub some Tinkaya gluten free rice noodles in a shell shape so that everyone can share the same pot. Those who eat gluten can’t tell the difference. See my note on the Pin for a sub for boxed Pomi brand tomatoes instead of canned. Ellie Krieger’s recipe at Food Network: http://www.foodnetwork.com/recipes/ellie-krieger/minestrone-soup-recipe-1973378

Potato Leek

This one hasn’t yet had heavy rotation in our house, but it will this year! Simple ingredients and unfussy to make, but classy as anything. This can be also meatless, as the recipe calls for water. We use homemade chicken stock for another level of flavor, and top with cheddar or sour cream and crumbled bacon. David’s blog post for this recipe is at https://www.davidlebovitz.com/potato-leek-soup/.


Favorite Potato Soup

Last but not least, the soup my family requests the most of all. Lovingly referred to as THE SOUP by friends as well as the immediate family, I’ve blogged the recipe here.


Hope this inspires you to try some new things and some old favorites! Save my round up to your own boards, or save some Pins of new things to try. Maybe some of these will become your favorite soups for cool weather as well. Have any other favorites for me? Drop a comment below!

Four Favorite Soups for Cool Weather


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  1. Rhonda Grice Avatar
    Rhonda Grice

    I absolutely love soups and make them all year round. Thanks for these wonderful treats! I have a recipe where I take just a plain old vegetable beef soup and add kidney or red beans to it, corn, and lots of taco seasoning. My husband love it and so do I. We eat it with corn chips, crackers, or cornbread.

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