Facebook Frame Tutorial – Easily Create a Frame to Promote Your Page

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Hey out there! I just did a quick video on a Facebook Frame Tutorial to share with everyone. This is a really great way for your fans to publicize your brand on their profiles! It’s like free advertising, so neat! Give it a try and let me know what page you’ve published a frame for!

Facebook has some help pages on how to do this, if you need more information. Here’s the main one to get started. https://www.facebook.com/help/347754702253981

  • You can create a frame by going to the Camera Effects Platform to get to Frame Studio, in addition to finding that in the left sidebar of your home page.
  • You’ll need to create your PNG before starting the process. Photoshop and Illustrator are what I usually use, but you can use GIMP for free or other online tools.
  • You can upload multiple images to the frame! The max file size is 1 MB.
  • Art should be original, so you should own it and have license to distribute it before uploading.
  • Consider placement! Your art should be visible, but so should the face of the person using the frame.

Something I wasn’t able to show at the end of the Facebook Frame Tutorial video. If you create the frame with a page, you’ll get an option to share to your page.  Here’s what that looks like. A short time after submitting, you should get a notification on Facebook that your frame was approved, and you’ll be brought back to a page like this as well. Click on Change Photo to add a sample profile image, and check the Apply effect to the image box to add your overlay in the shared post. Change the action from Facebook camera to add it to a profile picture to specify you want to suggest it to fans as a profile image.

Facebook Frame Tutorial - screenshot of publishing your frame to a page


All the frames you create will be in the Camera Effects Manager. You can edit the keywords for the frame there or pause it at any time. You can’t change the name of the frame or the owner, so make sure to get these right the first time! Toggling the Active switch pauses the frame. You can archive the frame, but that means it can’t be restarted and you’ll have to create a new one.

Want to try out your frame on your page itself? Go to https://www.facebook.com/profilepicframes and change to your page from the lower left corner of the window.

Did you try this out? Share your page or a link to your frame in the comments!

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