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I’m just throwing a new image in this theme template because I don’t run a restaurant. What does this image mean? I don’t know. It looks me though, I think!

Image taken in Bangkok at Asiatique.

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  • Blogging Resources from Darcie, FYI

    News! I’ve joined Automattic

    After years of freelancing answering questions from WordPress.com users, I’ve recently joined Automattic as a Happiness Engineer as of May 2021.


  • How do I get help for my WordPress site?

    How do I get help for my WordPress site?

    Where do I go? How do I fix it? Who is my web host? Good questions! I have those answers. Come learn about where to get help for a WordPress site.


  • Free Halloween Ghost Cut File

    Free Halloween Ghost Cut File

    Another not a tutorial! Here’s a free file I made up as a quick Halloween tee shirt for myself. I started creating this file last year shortly before Halloween, and it went through a bunch of drafts to where it is. It had cute arms! It had different fonts! It had booze. But now it’s…


  • Chalkboard Door Sign Untutorial

    Chalkboard Door Sign Untutorial

    Yes, that’s right. I said a Chalkboard Door Sign Untutorial. What’s an untutorial? It’s when something is just too simple for a tutorial. This is so simple, and it only took me a few minutes. I bought everything at Target, which is awesome because it’s a 1/2 mile walk from my house.


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Hi, I’m Darcie

I like making websites and telling people how to make websites, and I never actually blog. I’ve smashed two blogs together into this one.