Getting Inspired and a Guest Blog Post!

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Good morning! I am currently hard at work attempting to finally organize myself. I’m working on getting my garage, or 1/3ish of it anyway, set up to be my sewing studio. I had it in the closet of the spare room/husband’s office, and that just isn’t working out for anyone. So to the three-car (for the family with none to fill it) garage we go!

I really want a counter height cutting table so I can easily lay everything out. I’ve been working on the floor of the living room or office, but up off the ground will be better. I already have a great cutting mat that’s 36″ x 60″ that I got with a coupon at JoAnn’s a few months ago, and I just need a table to put it on! Over the weekend, I picked up the tabletop. On my local Freecycle, someone was getting rid of two doors. And one was 36″! It was a “take all” with another door at 30″, but I was sure I could find something to do with it or at least Freecycle it to someone else in need.

So now, I need to make my table. Yesterday I lightly sanded my main tabletop in preparation for being painted. Yeah, I’m going to put a plastic top over most of it, but I still want the rest of it to look nice. The red it is now isn’t awful, it’s just dirty. And the back is completely bare. I think at a minimum it needs some paint to seal it all off. Then, I have to figure out what to do for bases! It would be awesome if I could do this basically FREE, since I don’t really have a budget for it, so that’s my goal. I’ve got some leftover plywood in the garage rafters that I inherited, and a ton of nails and screws and whatnot. I have an old set of IKEA legs from my last small sewing table that I could remove and repurpose for the smaller door tabletop. Β In my dreams, I’d make some cubby type ends for the larger table to sit on. I did also inherit a table saw. In reality, I’m a dangerous person with an iron, so you can only guess what dangers a saw would carry. So, aimless table project started!


Oh, and why am I getting inspired today? I did an interview over the weekend as a guest post for National Sewing Month! I’ve been so stalled, and this opportunity felt like a good chance to break out of my monotony and do something for a change. My article is published today, so please check it out! Tell me if you don’t feel ready to conquer too!

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  1. H Reanne Avatar

    Will you remember us little people when you’re a famous writer? πŸ˜‰ I like your thinking on the table! Never thought about going on Freecycle to look for stuff!

    1. darcie Avatar

      Absolutely zero chance of me being a famous writer. I can leave that to my husband. I hate writing! But I do like a challenge. πŸ™‚

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