Fun Pumpkin Tee!

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Fun Pumpkin Tee!

After much radio silence here, I have a quick blog post to drop! With a five week vacation and summer sewing sabbatical, I had a hard time returning to sewing and blogging and whatnot. But this week I did actually sew something, gasp! Ellie had a school field trip to the pumpkin patch with her first grade class, so obviously that meant staying up very, very late and making a new tee shirt for her to wear.

I tried out two new things for this tee shirt! Yay, new things! She wouldn’t let me take her picture, so Paparazzi shots and ones where I promised to cut her head off is the best we’re gonna do today.
Fun Pumpkin Tee!

First, the tee shirt itself. This is the new Fun Tee by Sew by Pattern Pieces. It’s a simple tee with a few sleeve options. I picked the short gathered sleeve here, because I wanted something a little girly and dressed up from the basic tee shirt. I really like this basic tee, because I had this gathered sleeve + long sleeve concept in my head that I wanted to draft for a couple years, and I’d never gotten around to it. Luckily, Lauren did it for me. Perfect! I also like the way the neckband attaches here with the band seam to the shoulder, because it has a great RTW feel about it. It’ll be even more RTW when I hem it!


Fun Pumpkin Tee!

The second new fun thing was some FMA embroidery! FMA is Free Motion Appliqué, and this basically means that you drop your feed dogs and use your own sketching on your fabric. It’s been a very, very long time since I’ve done this, but I love how the personal imperfections make each project unique! The fabric I used was all scraps I’ve hoarded collected for years. This pumpkin pattern was provided by Jeanine from StitchART in conjunction with Top Stitchers for a fun Halloween promotion!


Fun Pumpkin Tee!

My little pumpkin wore her shirt to the pumpkin patch, then all the rest of the weekend! We carved pumpkins Friday night, and really got into the Halloween spirit. Looks like I’ll have to keep making her more FMA tee shirts now that my summer sewing sabbatical has finally come to an end. Now if only she would let me take her picture…

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    What a hit! Thanks for sharing your take on this cute FMA pattern!

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