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Free Halloween Ghost Cut File

Free Halloween Ghost Cut File

Another not a tutorial! Here’s a free file I made up as a quick Halloween tee shirt for myself. I started creating this file last year shortly before Halloween, and it went through a bunch of drafts to where it is. It had cute arms! It had different fonts! It had booze. But now it’s done, and it’s ready for tomorrow. And I’m sharing the Free Halloween Ghost Cut File with you.

This is a cute ghost I drew in Adobe Illustrator. He was cuter with arms, but I’m not a cut file making pro and I didn’t like the way it was turning out. So he’s hiding them under his sheet. I had ordered some glow in the dark heat transfer vinyl (affiliate link) some time back, so I had it on hand for this project. A $7 tee at Target, and my costume is done!


When you use transfer vinyl, you always cut mirrored so that it applies correctly to your shirt. It’s not hard to weed this HTV, luckily. There are a couple small bits, and I like to pull those out first.

Once the smaller bits are off, just start at a corner and pull all the extra material off so you’re left with just the part going on the tee stuck to the sticky backing.

Center that sucker on your shirt, cover the whole thing with a scrap of cloth, and iron down according to the instructions for the product.

As soon as you see it’s stuck down enough, pull the sticky transfer material off. At this point, I put my presser cloth back on and give another press, just to be sure.


And that’s it! Easy peasy. Click the image below if you want to download a copy. There’s a zip with a Studio file, a JPG, a PNG, and a SVG. I don’t have a Cricut to test that, so FYI.


Save it on Pinterest, should you choose.


I included an affiliate link to where to get glow heat transfer vinyl earlier in the post. I’ll earn a commission if you make a purchase, but there’s no extra cost to you. Right now, Expressions Vinyl has their printable vinyl on sale. They’re offering 20% off Printable Vinyl with code PUMPKIN2018. There is also a Free Tape Measure and app tool with a $30 purchase offer, no coupon needed for that. Those promotions last until November 5th, so you have a little time.


Happy Halloween!!

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